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Airbus Concept Of Future Aircraft

November 1, 2010 2 comments

After my post on the challenges facing the aviation industry and the delay of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, I have more interesting but equally dissapointing news. Airbus has been having a lot of discussions and research on the future of aircraft, with energy efficiency and alternative sources of fuel as their main problems. Well, this is what they came up with….I bet you can visualize it even before i show you the photo.

Courtesy of Airbus, Future Aircraft Concept

This picture shows a jumbo jet with solar panels on big portions of the fuselage, including the wings! Looks like a very smart idea but they knew well in advance that solar energy would not be enough to sustain the aircraft in the aircraft. The did not discuss the solutions further but looks like they will be using normal jet fuel with the help of these huge panels to reduce the fossil fuel consumption.

They also discussed possibilities of using alternative fuels like hydrogen and biofuel. However, they didn’t give much detail to that either and left it open as a problem to be solved later.

Another issue discussed was the reduction of aircraft noise and the congestion of the airport. They had a few concept photos to showcase on aircraft noise…



Airbus Quiet jets

The design features were not discussed in detail either. However, you can access their full report by clicking on the photo above.

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