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The Boeing 787 Dreamliner delayed further

Hi everyone. I know its been long since i posted but I hope to be more consistent from now onwards. Back to the main story, it has just been revealed that the Boeing 787 will not be released until 2011( probably in the first quarter). If you are well conversant with the aviation industry, it is not shocking if i reveal that this is the sixth time Boeing is pushing forward the release date of the much anticipated aircraft.

So why all the delays. It seems to be a mystery that the avaition industry has failed to solve in decades. The airbus A380 was released several year ago and to date, not all the orders received from airlines have been fulfilled. Statstics has it that the deficit of aircraft production in comparison to orders made by airlines is five years. Everyone knows that Boeing and Airbus are very big companies and they get the most orders on their aircraft. Having a five year deficit is a heavy and grave problem that needs to be solved in the near future.

Reports suggest that the new delay was cost by lack of some materials and particularly Roll Royce who were not able to provide the required engine for the testing of the aircraft. An aircraft is a huge machine that requires several other companies to complete the construction. One of the major issues may be with the supporting companies that are involved.

I will have a look at other reasons as to why there is a serious lag in production of aircraft by major companies. I will have to wait longer to see the Boeing 787 Dreamliner airborne!

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