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GPS are initials for global positioning system. This is simply a system in which the location of objects can be shown with the aid of satellites which have powerful telescopes which can view a large area on the earth surface. Furthermore, they can capture distinct detail of a minute object on earth, e.g the number plate of a vehicle.
Some ranges of phones are fitted with A-GPS (Assisted GPS) or integrated GPS. These hardware (receivers) are able to link with the space satellites (transmitters) to be able to give you your approximate position on the earth surface. The mobile phone developers were very careful to make this feature universal by developing softwares like Nokia maps and Google maps which are really helpful in giving the common person direct and familiar information on positioning. Otherwise, there would have been latitude and longitude co-ordinates to show this information. The latter is difficult to interprete and rather loses meaning on usefulness to the common market.
Nowadays, it has grown in popularity that people use it for purposes that sway away from the key objective which is navigation. A good example is geotagging where a mobile phone takes information on the location where a photo was taken and tags it on the photo. Added to this, several software developers are already utilising this feature on mobile phone applications, making it become an important feature in an all round phone.
Several other uses will come up, and the current flexible world is flexible and ready to adopt them!

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  1. Aicha Eugene
    December 1, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    You also need to apprise us of the limitations of the GPS.As a paradigm of a two sided coin,the issue can be given a belt and braces approach to expose the dark shadows.You remember how the car GPS led someone to the sea through an outdated route.Everything can not win plaudits only!

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