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The Revolution of Navigation

November 28, 2009 1 comment

Once upon a time, i had a phone which had some complex navigation sytsems and options which were largely unutilised. This included getting position co-ordinates upon request. Considering the fact that a phone is designed while considering that it targets a common market, the developers try to do their best to make certain features user friendly. However, navigation from a mobile phone was not something very popular and the usability wasn’t making the situation any better.
Over the few years, navigation systems have evolved and made vast improvements, especially on accuracy. The need for navigation tools also increased and this led to introduction of Assisted and fully integrated GPS systems in mobile phones. Nowadays, people move round buildings with the aid of these tools. The popularity has also spread to other devices and machines like cars, watches and music players. For those who have no idea of how the navigation tools work and its usefulness, check out my next post for details.

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November 10, 2009 Leave a comment

So,its time to get to work. Am inviting all interested persons to come up with ideas we could develop and make them practical. Let’s not tasks our brains so much…any idea is good enough. What comes after the idea will now require more thinking. Example is the concept of a good friend of mine, Sanya Noel to figure out a way of having electricity wirelessly transmitted. Sounds crazy, but i always tell myself : The people of the tenth century perceived flying as a ‘crazy dream’. Well, now its not a wonder anymore. I am much inspired by Albert Einstein who proved and showed us that everything is possible. Who beleived that we could lose mass to generate massive energy? So i welcome you to the next series of posts that will discuss ideas.

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