Airbus Concept Of Future Aircraft

November 1, 2010 2 comments

After my post on the challenges facing the aviation industry and the delay of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, I have more interesting but equally dissapointing news. Airbus has been having a lot of discussions and research on the future of aircraft, with energy efficiency and alternative sources of fuel as their main problems. Well, this is what they came up with….I bet you can visualize it even before i show you the photo.

Courtesy of Airbus, Future Aircraft Concept

This picture shows a jumbo jet with solar panels on big portions of the fuselage, including the wings! Looks like a very smart idea but they knew well in advance that solar energy would not be enough to sustain the aircraft in the aircraft. The did not discuss the solutions further but looks like they will be using normal jet fuel with the help of these huge panels to reduce the fossil fuel consumption.

They also discussed possibilities of using alternative fuels like hydrogen and biofuel. However, they didn’t give much detail to that either and left it open as a problem to be solved later.

Another issue discussed was the reduction of aircraft noise and the congestion of the airport. They had a few concept photos to showcase on aircraft noise…



Airbus Quiet jets

The design features were not discussed in detail either. However, you can access their full report by clicking on the photo above.

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The Boeing 787 Dreamliner delayed further

September 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Hi everyone. I know its been long since i posted but I hope to be more consistent from now onwards. Back to the main story, it has just been revealed that the Boeing 787 will not be released until 2011( probably in the first quarter). If you are well conversant with the aviation industry, it is not shocking if i reveal that this is the sixth time Boeing is pushing forward the release date of the much anticipated aircraft.

So why all the delays. It seems to be a mystery that the avaition industry has failed to solve in decades. The airbus A380 was released several year ago and to date, not all the orders received from airlines have been fulfilled. Statstics has it that the deficit of aircraft production in comparison to orders made by airlines is five years. Everyone knows that Boeing and Airbus are very big companies and they get the most orders on their aircraft. Having a five year deficit is a heavy and grave problem that needs to be solved in the near future.

Reports suggest that the new delay was cost by lack of some materials and particularly Roll Royce who were not able to provide the required engine for the testing of the aircraft. An aircraft is a huge machine that requires several other companies to complete the construction. One of the major issues may be with the supporting companies that are involved.

I will have a look at other reasons as to why there is a serious lag in production of aircraft by major companies. I will have to wait longer to see the Boeing 787 Dreamliner airborne!

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Finally Back To Business

August 24, 2010 Leave a comment

After a few months of being totally busy, i finally find some time to post something. This post won’t be long. It is basically to announce that i’m back and i’ll be posting on the latest technology updates in the next few days. Welcome back and i hope you will enjoy my subsequent posts!

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Nokia N8 vs. iPhone 4:Part 1

June 10, 2010 2 comments

If you read my last post, then I promised to give a detailed comparison of the new smart phones of 2010, the Nokia N8 and iPhone 4. There is a lot of new features and hardware changes coming with these two devices, so I will break my comparison into several parts. On this first part, I will look at the physical outlook and general technical specifications.

Well, there are several eye-catching features that both devices boast. The Nokia N8’s power lies on the underside of the device- a massive 12 megapixel camera which can shoot videos at 720p HD and 25 frames per second. If that is not enough, then Nokia made sure the camera is near perfect by including both a Xenon flash and the usual dual LED flash. Coupled with a HDMI output port, it is clear what this device is aimed at.

The iPhone 4 doesn’t really have a focal point, but it does have some key improvements compared to its predecessors. Most notables are the new screen resolution of 960×640 which makes the display super crisp, a new gyro-accelerometer which is able to sense 3D motion, improved A4 processor which runs the Apple iPad and support for video calls.

The summarized comparison of the two devices is listed below:

DEVICE Apple iPhone 4 Nokia N8
PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS 115.2×58.6×9.3(mm) 113.5×59×12.9(mm)
WEIGHT 137g 135g
  • 5MP still camera
  • Video recording
  • 720p(HD) up to 30fps
  • Photo and video geotagging
  • 12MP still camera
  • Video recording
  • 720p(HD) up to 25fps
  • Photo and video geotagging
CAPACITY 16GB and 32GB 16GB, microSD slot up to 32GB








  • Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
  • 3.5 inch multi-touch TFT screen
  • 960×640 pixels
  • Retina display
  • 3.5 inch multi-touch AMOLED screen
  • 640×480 pixels
  • Assisted GPS
  • Digital compass
  • Assisted GPS
  • Integrated GPS
  • Digital compass
  • Ovi maps
  • USB charging
  • 7hrs 3G talktime
  • 14hrs 2G
  • Standby 300hrs
  • USB charging
  • 6hrs 3G talktime
  • 12hrs 2G talktime
  • Standby 390h
PROCESSOR A4 processor 1Ghz ARM 11 processor 600Mhz
RAM 256Mb 256Mb
  • Gyro sensor
  • accelerometer
  • accelerometer
  • 599$, No contract for 16GB
  • 699$, No contract for 32GB
  • 488$, No contract

Since both of these phones are not yet launched, it is hard to predict the winner of the battle. However, the two devices may be the favourites to rock 2010.

In my next posts, I will look at other 2010 smartphones expected to be in the race. A good example is the HTC Evo 4G.

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Nokia N8 Announced, Apple iPhone 4 Expected To Launch Soon

June 8, 2010 6 comments

It is set to be a 2010 where mobile phone companies set new heights. Nokia announced the N8, expected to launch in August. Recently, Apple also announced their latest iPhone 4 which runs the latest iOS 4. The device is expected to launch in USA on 24th
June. Likewise to the iphone 4, Nokia N8 is also expected to run the latest Symbianᶺ3. This is expected to be the biggest smart phone battle of 2010 as the two devices boast a number of cutting edge technology. Be sure to subscribe to my feeds so as to get a detailed comparison of the two Smart phones in my next post. Have a look at the competitive design features below!



    iPhone 4                                            

Nokia N8



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Welcome to the new decade!

January 29, 2010 2 comments

Hi to everyone. I have been involved in a bee hive of activity since the turn of the year so this is my first post for 2010. I would like to shower you all with blessings for the new year and yes!- a new decade. The big question is, ‘what has it got for us on the technological front?’ It has been a really interesting period going towards the new decade. It seemed like a revolutionary era for most companies. A good example is the mobile phone world where smartphones are proving to be real laptop competitors. The advancements made by several companies has seen the gap between these two devices inch closer and closer. The biggest wave that rocked the market was the launch of mobile touchscreen devices. This has led to a more interactive expirience with a mobile device, especially when browsing the internet. Well, that was the previous decade. Much of the attention has shifted to what this decade has for us. In my next series of posts, i will give detailed reviews and previews of what is in store for us from all corners of technology.

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New Nokia N900 Release Date

December 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Nokia has delayed the release of the much anticipated smartphone expected to shadow all other smartphones in the current market. The Nokia N900 is already being described as the ‘N97 killer’. This device has rich technical specifications and the pre-release videos have left many with anxiety. In fact, it has been realized that many customers cancelled their N97 orders to make a N900 pre-order. This is an internet tablet that has been given phone capability. It is said that the main reason for the delay is due to the extraordinarily high number of pre orders from the targeted select markets. Well, the phone is expected to be launched any day now. What is really puzzling to many is how the new Maemo operating system performs as compared to the common Symbian operating system. However, from the videos, there feeling of freshness and rejuvenation of Nokia as this new os comes with whole new features. Anyway, let us wait for the actual launch to see what it turns out to be.

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